Exclusive: Arjun Kapoor tells BizAsia he’s “disgusted” at Gauahar Khan slap


Arjun Kapoor Tevar

BizAsia had the unique opportunity to speak with the talented Arjun Kapoor about his forthcoming movie ‘Tevar’ just a few days ago. The actor, who was also on the sets of ‘India’s Raw Star’ when host Gauahar Khan was slapped by a member of the audience apparently because what she was wearing was deemed ‘inappropriate’ by him.

Kapoor spoke exclusively to BizAsia about his own reaction to the incident, “I was appalled. It’s the most disgusting thing. I genuinely felt ashamed to be a part of this community of men in our country who actually think like that. Forget anything else, we’re a democratic country, everybody has the right to do what they want and live how they want and you are nobody to dictate. Who gives you the right to raise your hand at anybody let alone a man on a woman? It’s a fundamental flaw in our education system the fact that men are conditioned and brought up in a way that they think they can get away with doing something like this.”

Kapoor continues, “He should get the harshest degree of punishment possible so he is an example for people. Because things like this has happened for years, this is just an isolated incident which gets some kind of mileage because she [Gauahar Khan] is a celebrity. It happens on a day to day basis in people’s houses and nobody talks about it. It’s been kept very hush hush for so many years but it exists in our society, in our upbringing. Sometimes I genuinely wonder whether I’m the minority who thinks otherwise because there’s a major amount of people who believe it is their birth right. It’s disgusting.”

Akil Mallik is the man named at carrying out such an unbelievably shocking act and many other celebrities are also calling for a fitting punishment for his actions.

BizAsia‘s full interview with Kapoor will be published nearer to the release of ‘Tevar’, which also stars Sonakshi Sinha, on 9th January.

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