EXCLUSIVE: All Star UK channels to join BARB

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


BizAsia can exclusively confirm that Star News and Star Life Ok (Star One) will have their audience measured officially by BARB within the next couple of months.

Sources close to the channel have told BizAsia that Indian news channel, Star News and Hindi entertainment channel, Star Life Ok will be joining Star Plus and Star Gold on the measuring system.

This will be the first time that any UK Asian broadcaster will have its whole network fully measured by an official body. Since being measured by BARB, Star Plus has retained the top slot as the UK�۪s most watched Asian channel. Similarly, Bollywood movies channel, Star Gold holds the title of being the most watched paid Bollywood movies channel.

When BizAsia contacted Star UK, it refused to comment. However, BizAsia understands that the first lot of data will be published in early summer.

Beside the Star Network, other Asian channels included on BARB are Imagine Dil Se, UMP Movies, Zing and Sunrise TV. There have also been plans to have B4U Music added to BARB but no start date has been given.