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Essel Group issues statement denying rumours about Dish TV

Essel Group has denied rumours surrounding Dish TV India Ltd.

In a statement shared by Essel Group, Subhash Chandra Group Official Spokesperson Ronak Jatwala said, “The Group also wishes to deny all the speculations and rumours, pertaining to the shares being released from the lenders at a lower price and sold to third party investors at higher price points. These speculations are absolutely baseless and incorrect, and the Group has no such intentions whatsoever.”

“The Group is confident and fully committed to return the mentioned security cover back to Shri. Jawahar Goel and his family. The Group also wishes to iterate that Shri. Jawahar Goel, as the rightful owner of the equity stake in Dish TV India Ltd., had only stepped forward to offer support, and has no financial stress whatsoever in his personal capacity,” the statement added.

The Group clarified that Subhash Chandra is not the promoter of Dish TV India Ltd., neither does he hold any management control in the said Company. “The Group wishes Jawahar Goel all the success in his planned business operations for the Company, which are aimed towards creating value for its esteemed shareholders. The above clarification is in the interest of all the stakeholders of mentioned listed entity.”