In their fifth year of marriage, Esha Deol and husband Bharat Takhtani, will soon be welcoming a very cute bundle of joy. However before the day arrives, news has it that they will be undergoing another wedding ceremony as a part of a ritual that takes place during Deol’s ‘Godh Bharai’ (Baby Shower).

As Pune Mirror reports, Deol and Takhtani will perform three rounds of vows as oppose to seven, and with their wedding being performed my a Tamil priest who apparently spoke no English, this time they will bring in a Sindhi one. “This time it’s a Sindhi priest who speaks Hindi too, so my in-laws will at least understand what is being said,” Deol confirmed.

The ceremony will included the priest blessing the couple and the child, where members of the family will apply oil on Deol’s head, presenting her with gifts and blessings. The ceremony will be a small and private affair with only a few people attending.

Talking about her marriage so far, Deol went on to express, “Over the last five years, Bharat and I have become as thick as thieves. Since I’m pregnant, I’m prone to mood swings now but he’s tolerated them and is extremely protective. He’s also my best critic, encouraging me in everything I do. At the risk of sounding filmi, I’ll say I wouldn’t want to change anything, life’s beautiful!”

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