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Erika Kaar: “Ajay Devgn teased me a lot for my Hindi”

Erika Kaar

Ajay Devgn’s eagerly anticipated directorial ‘Shivaay’ will see debutant Erika Kaar playing the female protagonist in the movie, a woman from Poland who has always envisioned a career for herself in Bollywood.

According to Asian Age, when asked how ‘Shivaay’ came about, Kaar explained, “I was cast for the film back in my hometown, Warsaw. I had heard they were looking all over Europe to cast their leading lady. I was surprised to know that several popular Polish actresses had tried their luck too… At that time I had no idea how the film would turn out. I was asked to prepare the Hindi dialogues that were written in English. They assured me not to panic, as no one who was competing for the role knew Hindi. I did my research, as I always do. I worked hard and didn�۪t let it go. I kept rehearsing. I was so nervous that I wrote all my lines on my palm.”

Kaar, who has never watched a Hindi movie was asked about her experience of learning to speak the language for her film and shared how director and co-star Devgn often teased her, “My entire I had a Hindi tutor, a dialect coach and a guy who used to revise lines with me because I not only had to learn Hindi but also had to listen to what other characters were saying… When the camera is on, there is no time to think what your co-actor just said. I even needed to change my English accent.”

Kaar, was asked whom she wanted to work with next, “I would love to romance everyone I guess. (Laughs). I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to keep working here and have more characters to portray which are not Indian. I don�۪t want to predict anything. I want people to see my work in Shivaay first. Then say, if Shah Rukh Khan loves my work, he might call me to work with him.”

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