Emraan Hashmi’s son inspires him to write a book

Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi with family

As a parent, actor Emraan Hashmi has been through one of the worst things a parent could ever experience. When his son Ayaan was diagnosed with Cancer at just 6 years old, their whole life seemed to have turned upside down. Two years on, Ayaan has beaten the disease and has become his father’s biggest inspiration. So much so that the actor has written a book based on super-heroes.

Co-written by author Bilal Siddiqui, the book is titled ‘The Kiss Of Life���How A Superhero, My Son Defeated Cancer’. Talking about his first idea for a storyline,��Mumbai Mirror reported Hashmi explaining, “We scripted a fairytale around his fave superheroes, Iron Man and Batman, fictionalising the illness and inspiring him to fight back.”

However once the actor witnessed how the hospital in Toronto where his son was being treated, taught the kids how to fight cancer, he had the idea of another type of story. After a going through one of the treatment stages, Ayaan went back to school. His teachers apparently reported how he was telling all of his school friends about his cancer and what his treatment consists of.

Hashmi explained, “Kids live in the present and are not bogged down by beliefs, norms and fears. As they say, ignorance is bliss and paediatric cancer has a high success rate.”

The actor, like any parent going through the same thing, did express how he and his wife felt at the time, “You wonder what you did wrong. Was it the environment at home or something you gave him to eat?��It’s a knockout blow that life delivers, brings the castles in the air crashing down.”

Talking about the book, he went to add, “I did a lot of research and know that there are medical and natural interventions that stop cancer in its tracks.��This book is not only about Ayaan’s fight, it’s also about my fight in my 13-year journey in the film industry.”

One of the most endearing and inspirational moments for Hashmi was when Ayan was still going through his chemo treatment, however he was insisting on taking part in his schools race.��He did fall, twice, during the race, and came last. But when he reached the finishing line he look at me with a smile and a thumbs-up. After that, he went around consoling the kids who were crying because they hadn’t won, pointing out that participating in the race was what was important. That kind of wisdom I don’t hear from even 50 year old’s while my son, at six, is all grown up. A superhero with powers of his own.”

Well it seems young Ayaan Hashmi isn’t just an inspiration to his father, but sets a brilliant and humbling example for everyone around the world.


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