Emraan Hashmi: “We don’t have budgets for horror films in India”

Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi is hoping that his next ‘Raaz Reboot; will prove a game changer in the horror genre in Bollywood.

In a recent interview with Deccan Chronicle, Hashmi spoke about his love for horror movies and how he has managed to deal with the low phases in his career. He was asked about whether he felt any sense of pressure carrying the ‘Raaz’ legacy forward. He said, “It�۪s not that stressful for me. However, I feel things come with their own responsibilities. There�۪s always a kind of anxiety about my films ��� be it solo or ensemble ones. You put in a lot of hard work and you want to succeed. I feel I have become used to it, having been a part of the industry for so many years now.”

Asked if the horror genre was underrated in Bollywood than what Hollywood churns out, Hashmi said, “I feel that horror is underrated even in Hollywood; we don�۪t see any horror films winning the Oscars. I guess that�۪s because a lot of directors don�۪t handle the genre properly. In our country, only Vikram Bhatt makes horror films since no one really understands it. In a way, it�۪s a good thing since he tends to monopolise it. Also, we don�۪t have budgets for horror films in India, compared to Hollywood, but there are a few Indian films that are culturally rich and which Hollywood can�۪t compare with.”

Hashmi also opened up about the flops he garnered in the past and how he managed to overcome that low phase. He said, “I feel one has to come prepared for such kind of a phase in life. It�۪s foolish to expect to experience a constant high. I believe that low phases are real testing times, so you can prove your worth to the world. I believe that with the same amount of hard work, after a couple of films, you�۪re able to achieve success. It�۪s a matter of luck. It�۪s not the first time I�۪ve gone through a low phase; I still have the attitude I had during my previous rough patches; it�۪s just a matter of time. I don�۪t listen to background noise in the industry that things are not working out for��me.”

‘Raaz Reboot’ is out on 16th September.

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