Emraan Hashmi talks about how he coped with son’s cancer

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Emraan Hashmi and son Ahaan 340x

Emraan Hashmi recently penned a book on his struggling time when his son Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer. He says that his strength to cope came from within and grown-ups do abuse their immunity.

Deccan Chronicle reports Hashmi saying, “I guess this��strength is within us, waiting to be used when urgently needed. When someone so close to you falls ill, you have no choice but to be strong. The struggle goes on for years in an illness like this. After watching a four year old battle it out with his illness I’ve become stronger. In comparison, my day-to-day problems, my work-related stress, they all seen so trivial. As grown-ups, we often abuse our bodies, smoke, drink and destroy our immunity system. But what do children do to deserve this?”

Hashmi will next be seen in ‘Azhar’, which is slated to release on 13th May.