Emraan Hashmi to play India’s top detective in ‘Father’s Day’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


In a first, Emraan Hashmi will be essaying a role based on the life of India’s top detective Suryakant Bhande Patil, who has solved 120 child kidnapping cases for free. The film titled ‘Father’s Day’ is an emotional father-son story based on a Gujarati book ‘Drishyam Adrishyam’ by author Praful Shah. The film will be directed by Debutante director Shantanu Baaghchi who has directed over 300 advertising films and will have its screenplay and dialogues written by Ritesh Shah, the acclaimed writer of films like Airlift, Pink and Raid. The film will jointly be produced by Emraan Hashmi films and Mataram Films.

Talking to us about the film, Hashmi says, “Suryakantji’s story is very heartbreaking but greatly inspiring. It’s rare to find a person who has dedicated his whole life to helping find kidnapped children of others that too for free. I am extremely proud to be playing him in the film.”

Director Shantanu says, “There are few films which entertain, fewer which deeply move you and even fewer still that change the way you look at life. This film does all three. The wonderful thing is that this inspiring story is based on the life of a real person.’ Ritesh Shah says, ‘I get so many stories about great wins and great people but this one instantly attracted the writer and father in me because it’s about an ordinary citizen’s great loss which eventually turned into a win for society and made him extraordinary.”

Producer Priya Gupta from Mataram Films said, “Emraan is a fantastic actor. This film will for the first time see him in an extremely emotional role. It deals with an important subject of child safety and will be a thrilling and deeply emotional film. Suryakantji’s story is extremely inspiring and moving and we are proud to be presenting it.”

Producer Kalpana Udyawar from Mataram Films said, “This story needs to be told. We are proud of this being our first film.”

The film produced by Emraan Hashmi, Priya Gupta and Kalpana Udyawar will be shot in 2019 across Maharashtra.