Emraan-Shraddha in 'Basanti' song in 'Ungli'

Emraan-Shraddha in 'Basanti' song in 'Ungli'
Emraan-Shraddha in ‘Basanti’ song in ‘Ungli’

Just before the Dance Basanti track of Ungli۪ was released, reports suggested that Emraan Hashmi has refused to work with ex-Adult star Sunny Leone. The song, which features Shraddha Kapoor, was meant to initially have Leone as the item girl. However, Hashmi has denied any truth to the rumours.

Hashmi clarified, according to TOI, I have never refused to work with Sunny Leone. It was all rumours. When they (the filmmakers) approached Sunny Leone, our dates were not matching. And because of date issues, we launched eight new girls for the title track of ‘Ungli’۝.

Hashmi also went onto say that if the right script came his way then he would be happy to work with Leone.

Ungli۪, which is a multi-starrer produced under the Dharma Productions banner, is slated to release this week.