EchoStar clinches US TV rights for India cricket

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


With UK and India TV coverage of the India vs England cricket series accounted for, the US territory has also now been covered.

Nimbus Communications and US broadcaster EchoStar Satellite have signed a deal granting the American DTH telecast major exclusive broadcast rights of Indian cricket from March 2006 to March 2010.

The rights include television, radio and broadband for the territory of North America.

Said Michael Kelly, executive vice-president, EchoStar, “EchoStar is pleased to reach an agreement with Nimbus Sport to provide exclusive North American rights to broadcast through radio, television and broadband the Board of Cricket Control India’s 2006 – 2010 cricket matches occurring on Indian soil. Already an active distributor of cricket for more than 10 years to the South Asian and cricketing community living in the Americas and the US leader in importing international television channels, EchoStar continues to demonstrate its commitment to the success of the sport of cricket in North America.”