A website, which briefly featured on an episode of ‘EastEnders’ this week, has attracted a large number of visitors.

Asian family, The Masoods discovered Tamwar’s secret little project – a website called ‘Rude Masood’. A site dedicated to impersonations by Tamwar of popular Walford residents including Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher.

A glimpse of ‘Rude Masood’ was shown during Monday’s (5th October) episode and according to a BBC spokesman the website received a huge 186,432 page impressions yesterday alone by intrigued viewers.

“It’s always fun to find ways to tell our stories and celebrate our characters beyond the show itself. Hopefully, the many people that have found Tamwar’s special website will derive big enjoyment from Himesh Patel’s extraordinary work. I’m grateful to our very talented webteam – and to Himesh and our writers – for putting this together.” Diederick Santer, EastEnders Executive Producer.

‘Rude Masood’ is available here.