‘EastEnders’ gears up for Masoods wedding


BBC One’s ‘EastEnders’ is gearing up for yet another dramatic storyline in the lead up to Tamwar Masood and Afia Khan’s wedding.

In episodes airing from Monday 20th June, the ‘Mehndi’ day arrives with tension between archrivals, Masood and Yusef, who overshadow the memorable occasion with their bitterness.

According to spoilers from DigitalSpy, as everyone gets ready for the procession around Albert Square, friends and family come out in force to show their support for the young couple, but Masood has been banned from attending.

Once the procession gets under way, a hurt Masood watches on from a distance and is furious when he spots Yusef put his arm around Tamwar’s shoulder. Additionally, the fact that Christian has been invited and he hasn’t only makes the situation more exasperating for the frustrated father.

Unable to keep a lid on his feelings for any longer, Masood decides to turn up to the Mehndi uninvited. As tensions rise following his arrival, will Tamwar and Afia be forced to reveal that they’re already married?

An ‘EastEnders’ spokesperson said, “Tamwar is feeling upset knowing that his father won’t be there, but he puts on a brave face and the happy couple are joined by their friends and family for the procession.

“Yusef does everything he can to make Masood feel left out, and Masood later decides that he can’t stand back and watch his family join with Yusef’s. He then decides to go to the Mehndi with disastrous consequences…”

Unbeknown to the bride and groom’s parents, the couple wed in secret, in April. This after, Tamwar being angry with his dad for upsetting Afia. Darren and Jodie witnessed the marriage in a mosque.

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