Sharad Malhotra better known as Sagar in ZEE TV’s ever popular series ‘Dulhann Banoo Mein Teri’ is quitting over several reasons.

Reports in Indian press suggest Sharad was becoming quite demanding, which was causing rifts between him, the producers of the drama and the broadcaster ZEE TV.

A production source the show told Mumbai Mirror, “It’s surprising how Sharad has changed in the past one year. Sharad used to be so calm as a newcomer. But, as ‘Dulhann…’ started getting popular with the audiences, he also started showing his true colours. His transformation is too drastic. He is under the impression that now that he has become a star everyone must bear with him. In fact, he has been demanding huge sums of money too.”

The source further added, “When the channel could not tolerate his growing tantrums, they decided to chuck him. The creative team is planning to scrap his character by killing Sagar in the show. Obviously, it will be a shock for the viewers as the show is really doing well.”

Sagar’s character will be killed off in days to come but what remains to be seen is how Divyanka Tripathi who plays the lead character Vidya in the soap reacts to this. It۪s common knowledge that Divyanka and Sharad are really good pals and recently they refused to shoot for the soap because they were unhappy with the lack of communication in the production department of the soap.