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Doordarshan’s new orange logo sparks criticism

The new Doordarshan channel logo has sparked criticism, since it was unveiled on Friday.

Trinamool MP Jawhar Sircar, former boss of Doordarshan’s parent body said it hurt him to see the “saffronisation” of Doordarshan’s logo change before the elections.

He said, “National broadcaster Doordarshan colours its historic flagship logo in saffron! As its ex-CEO, I have been watching its saffronisation with alarm and feel – it’s not Prasar Bharati any more – it’s Prachar Bharati.”

He added, “It’s quite inappropriate to see the national broadcaster has chosen the colour saffron for its branding.”

Gaurav Dwivedi, the current boss of Prasar Bharati rejected Sircar’s opinion and said the logo was orange. He said using a bright, appealing colour was based on the channel’s branding and visual aesthetic.