DM Digital

DM Digital has been found in breach of various rules by media regulator Ofcom.

In the first breach, the channel was in trouble for displaying an onscreen banner promoting a Christmas event. Ofcom noted there appeared to be no editorial justification for repeated and lengthy references to the event.

The channel was found in breach of rules 9.4 and 9.5 which say “products, services and trade marks must not be promoted in programming; and no undue prominence may be given in programming to a product.”

In another case, DM Digital was guilty of rule 5.5 which says due impartiality must be provided on matters of political or industrial controversy and matters relating to current public policy.

The breaches occurred on two programmes in December 2011, in which Ofcom was alerted to potential issues under the due impartiality requirements of the Code.

During routine monitoring of the channel’s output, the two programmes included a range of statements that could be characterised as being critical of the Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and its policy concerning the entitlement of Pakistani citizens with dual nationality to contest, or vote in, Pakistani elections.

DM Digital said about the outputs: “the ECP is not a political body or an industrial controversy and they are a part of Pakistani Parliament and the issues raised in the debate was concerning the British Pakistani dual national۪s personal rights which affect the community at large”.