Divya Agarwal: “I would love to portray a strong female character”

BizAsia Correspondent



Actor Divya Agarwal has revealed her desire of wanting to play a strong female character.

The former ‘Bigg Boss’ star said: “I am a big Bollywood junkie and growing up, whenever I used to see strong female characters on-screen, who were not a damsel in distress; instead, when they used to stand up for themselves and for others, I would get that kick of “Wow” this is so fascinating. And for me, I love female-centric films, and now when times have changed so much, we get to see so many female-centric shows with spectacular stories to tell. So I would love to play a strong female character one day!”

Being one of the most vocal and strong-headed actors of our times, Divya has made a mark for herself in the Industry. Her journey from the start to where she is now has not been a secret. To tackle all those issues and still give it your all to make it big.

On the professional front, Divya was shooting for her upcoming web show in ‘Varanasi’.