Disney+ Hotstar app drops off Amazon Firestick in the UK

BizAsia Correspondent



Disney+ Hotstar, Star’s offerring for OTT has been dropped on the Amazon Fire TV / Firestick.

Hotstar is the streaming platform offering programming for popular channels like Star Plus, Star Gold, Star Bharat, Utsav Plus, Utsav Gold and Utsav Bharat.

Currently the only supported devices to watch Hotstar in the UK are:

Desktop or Laptop Browsers
▶ Chrome (version 75+)
▶ Safari (version 11+)
▶ Firefox

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Mobile and tablets
▶ Android mobile4.4.4+
▶ iOS v10+
▶ iPad v10+
▶ Mobile web

Living room devices
▶ Android TV (OS 7.0 or above)
▶ Chromecast [Gen2 above (Firmware 1.43+)]
▶ Apple tvOS 11+ (Gen 4 above)

The app was previously available on Amazon Fire TV / Firestick in the UK but due to copyright restrictions, the availability of devices has now been reduced.