Diljit Dosanjh suggests Kangana Ranaut becomes his PR person

Shyama Sudra



As Kangana Ranaut continues to pick battles with any big name that comes her way, it seems she may have met her match with Diljit Dosanjh. After criticising the actor-singer for taking a holiday despite stating his views on the farmer’s protest, Ranaut was hit back by Dosanjh who insisted she become his PR as she can’t seem to get him out of her mind.

Taking to social media site Twitter, answering to Ranaut’s tweet, Dosanjh expressed,”Enu Mai PR Lai Na Rakh Lava? Dimagh Chon Tan Jaanda Ni Mai edey (I should keep her as my PR representative? She can’t keep me out of her mind). Kisaan Neyane Ni Ke Tere Mere Wargeya De Kehn Te Sadkan Te Beh Jaan Ge.. Vaise Tainu Bulekha Zyada aa Apne Barey..PUNJAB NAAL C.. HAAN .. Te Raha Ge..Tu v Hatdi Ni Sara Din Mainu Hee Dekhdi Rehni an.. Ah Jawab V Leyna Tere Ton Haley PUNJABI’AN Ne.. MATT Sochi Asi Bhul Gay (Farmers aren’t kids who will take to the roads because people like us told them to. By the way you have more misconceptions about yourself. Punjab was, with, and will be with the Farmers. You also don’t budge and keep on looking at me all day. Punjabis also want you to answer for this, don’t think we’ve forgotten).”

Dosanjh then posted a video of an elderly woman criticising Ranaut for her behaviour in regards to the farmer’s protest. Ranaut backed her corner stating how the truth will be revealed implying that Dosanjh is against them.

In his last tweet, it seems Dosanjh just had enough where he stated, “I don’t understand what problem she has with the farmers. Madam, entire Punjab is with the farmers. You are living your life on Twitter. Noone even bothers talking about you.”

If past experience is anything to go by, this will not be the last Dosanjh will hear of Ranaut, where it seems she is keeping a close eye on her social media pages. All that’s left to wonder is, who will Ranaut choose as her next opponent.