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With the recent trend in Punjabi movie blockbusters being shown on Hindi television, Diljit Dosanjh has expressed his dismay at the use of Hindi voiceovers replacing original voices in his films.

Recently, his movie ‘Sardaar Ji 2’ was telecast dubbed in Hindi, talking about this to BizAsiaLive’s Raj Baddhan at an event, Dosanjh said, “I would request producers to ask me to dub the movies in Hindi to retain the original voices. Having another voice dubbing you in a film doesn’t feel right. Even the songs need to remain in Punjabi. Its not the fault of the channels as they are running a product given to them and thanks to them for running the films. Let me dub the films in Hindi but leave the songs in Punjabi.” (translated from Punjabi)

See the video interview below:

Dosanjh will be seen as a judge on Colors’ ‘Rising Star 2’ from this weekend.

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