Diljit Dosanjh on why he will not be singing in ‘Phillauri’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

'Ambarsariya' starring Diljit Dosanjh
In a still from ‘Ambarsariya’

Punjabi superstar, Diljit Dosanjh is on top of his game currently with success in Punjab and Bollywood.

The singer turned actor, is currently working on his next Bollywood project ‘Phillauri’ but also linked to a slew of other big films. Talking to Hindustan Times, Dosanjh said that there was a reason why he sang in all of his Punjabi films and will not be singing in ‘Phillauri’. ���I feel happy when people hire me only as an actor. Then I think they are serious about me. They don�۪t just want me to sing for their movie. When I�۪m offered a film, I don�۪t ask whether I will be singing any of the movie�۪s tracks. For example, in my next, I haven�۪t sung anything till now, unless they come up with a promotional song. I end up singing in most of my Punjabi films because that saves my Punjabi producer�۪s money. But my independent music scene is going good, so I�۪m not hungry to sing for films. Being able to sing for myself is enough for me.�۝

He also spoke about the differences between the two film industries, ���Punjabi picture bhi theatre main lagti hai aur Hindi bhi (Both Punjabi and Hindi films are shown in cinemas). Maybe the number of audience members and theaters will be more (for Hindi movies), but the passion is the same. The only difference is that Hindi cinema has more money than its Punjabi counterpart. But things will get better with time.”