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Digital Review: ‘Undekhi: Season 2’ (SonyLIV)

After a successful first season in 2020, SonyLIV’s ‘Undekhi’ has returned for a second season, with many of the familiar characters coming back as the story continues. Once again directed by Ashish R Shukla, the second season of this action-packed thriller promises just as many edge-of-the-seat scenes as the viewers would have seen in round one. But does it deliver on them?

After Daman Atwal’s (Ankur Rathee) father (Harsh Chhaya) shoot a female dancer dead during his pre-wedding event, the videographers are on the run, with the footage of the incident with Daman’s brother Rinku (Surya Sharma) out to find them to shoot them at sight. One of the group, Rishi, is shot in the end of the first season but the search continues for the remaining two and the other female dancer Koyal who seems to have disappeared without trace. Once again, DSP Ghosh (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) is on the case but will he get the result he seeks? He pairs up with Daman’s wife Teji (Anchal Singh) to ensure she is kept safe from the hands of Rinku but will they succeed?

Firstly, it doesn’t go unnoticed that the colourful characters from the first season return with a bang in this second part. The gripping nature of the plot remains, with some interesting additions to the cast such as Nandish Sandhu, Meiyang Chang and Tej Sapru. Chhaya, Sharma, Bhattacharya, Anchal Singh, Apeksha Porwal, and Ankur Rathee are returning with their characters being even more entangled in this web of criminal activities which they are desperately all trying to navigate. The standout performances this time come from Singh, Sharma and definitely Sandhu who seem to seamlessly go from emotion to emotion and game to game, keeping viewers guessing and gripped. This is another excitingly unexpected web-series which definitely keeps to the success of the first series.

This season definitely goes up a notch in terms of the thrills it presents. It turns into a cry and battle for survival with Chhaya’s character showing a more negative side to him as the patriarch. In fact, the Atwals as a family are seen to want to cover up and rule the roost, so to speak, but this season shows that there are those who aren’t prepared for things to carry on that way. There are, however, things that let down some of the second season. Firstly, the pace of the first is kept up but as things become more and more complicated, sometimes the smaller plots can be a little difficult to keep up with. Aside from this, as a viewer, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify with what the desired end result is for many of the characters – thanks to the many twists and turns the story takes. And it’s only until the last two episodes really that the momentum starts to build even more with the final episode being a shocker.

Despite its shortcomings, ‘Undekhi season 2’ delivers on what the first season cemented for the audiences. It will have you gripped and the characters will, once again, lure you in – especially the new ones. If you can keep your attention on it through all 10 episodes, you’ll discover something quite extraordinary with a sterling star cast coming back to bring a compelling outcome to the plot already embedded in the first offering. It’s most definitely a decent watch and the direction and the performances can be thanked for that.