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Digital Review: ‘The Family Man’

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK directed ‘The Family Man’ brings Manoj Bajpayee to the digital arena. Premiering on Amazon Prime Video on 20th September, the show is touted as a spy thriller which is centred on a man who is torn between his family responsibilities and his duty to his nation.

The 10-part web-series is already one to watch out for, especially for anyone who has appreciates the director-duos previous work. However, if you have ever enjoyed the talented Bajpayee’s performances in anything he’s been seen in before, ‘The Family Man’ will not leave you disappointed.

Bajpayee, quite simply, excels when playing Srikant Tiwari. His duty as an intelligence agency worker is something he takes very seriously but he’s conscious that his responsibilities as a husband and father sometimes end up falling short. However, if the first few episodes are anything to go by, then Bajpayee’s rendition shows how at ease he is between both of his character’s life roles. He transitioned with sometimes a hint of comedy and sometimes some difficulty but it’s a truly engaging watch to see how different his life is between the two.

As far as the ensemble cast goes, Priyamani plays Srikant’s wife who has no idea that her husband holds such a position in his professional life. She is unbelievably comfortable playing this role and her chemistry with her on-screen colleague Sharad Kelkar is quite a fascinating watch. Other members of the cast include Darshan Kumar who is always just exquisite in whatever part her chooses to take on, Dalip Tahil, Neeraj Madhav and Sharib Hashmi. The two children artistes who play Srikant’s children – Mehak Thakur and Vedant Sinha – are also fabulous in their roles, playing their father to their needs as they see fit. All of those and more add their level best to the story which remains an interesting watch, as you get sucked into the world the series creates.

Credit for this luring feeling goes to the directors who make it impossible for a viewer to switch away from the storyline. The drama, thrill and comedy comes together with such ease that you can’t seem to falter at any point and say that you are not engaged.