Diana Penty

Diana Penty becomes pricey over new projects?
Diana Penty becomes pricey over new projects?

Newcomer Diana Penty is demanding big money for future projects after the success of her debut film ‘Cocktail’ (2012).

Reports in Mid-Day suggest that she has asked for a huge Rs 2 crore for endorsing a hair care product. Due to the starry demands, the company promptly dropped the idea of using the actress in the new film.

A source said, “Diana is said to be receiving several ad offers after her debut film. A month ago, one such endorsement deal came her way from a big hair care brand. The company was keen to have Diana on board, but it was strange that even after having a chat with her representatives, they could not get a proper confirmation from her end.”

Currently, the brand is said to be looking for other options. Penty remained unavailable for comment.