Dharmendra not one to “blow his own trumpet”

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor



The Deols have been a huge part of the success of the Indian Film Industry, and though they have never been ones to make a big deal about their films, it seems to work in their favour. When asked about this, Dharmendra seemed to have some very good points as to why they aren’t seen at many promotional events.

“I think there has to be a proper way to promote a film. I can’t blow my own trumpet. I don’t feel that is right,” NDTV reported the actor stating.

He went into explain, “‘Apne’ (2007) was a good film and there was no film like this in the sports genre. Lot of films in sport genre got support from media but our film did not. Shah Rukh Khan had once told me I should have promoted and marketed it well to grab attention.”

Being from the older generation of actors, Dharmendra went on to talk about how the attitudes within the industry has changed through the years. “Actors today are confident and smart. There was a time we used to listen to stories from elders. There was apnapan (camaraderie) which is not there today. Now people talk to the point, they talk when they need you. I wish this thing is not there in the future,” he went onto to say.

Even today Dharmendra is a joy to watch on screen. He will next be seen in Smeep Kang’s ‘Second Hand Husband’ alongside Gippy Grewal, Tina Ahuja and Geeta Basra.