Dev Patel @ 30: Five genres the actor has explored

Yasmin Shabir

Features Writer


In an actor’s life it is all about taking risks sometimes they pay off and at other times one learns from these experiences. Such is one actor who from the time he has entered the film industry has wowed the audiences time and time again. The performer we are talking about is none other than Dev Patel who turns 30 this year. On the occasion of his birthday will look at five genres he has explored in his films.

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ (2008)
This film saw Patel in the role of Jamal, a boy who had lived such a life that if one heard it, it would seem all made up. His journey from the slums to working in a call centre as a tea boy to appearing on one of the worlds biggest game shows was remarkable to watch. The story was said to be loosely based around the 2005 novel ‘Q & A’ by Vikas Swarup. It was Patel’s first role in a film and he decided to choose the genre drama which was a great choice because as soon as the story begins the audience is gripped with the drama that unfolds. For years to come it will be this iconic film that Patel will be remembered for because his brilliant performance.

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ (2010)
In 2010 a very popular animated television series was transformed into a film with Patel in the role of prince Zuko who gets banished from his land disgraced. This role gave Patel a chance to experiment and try to explore a new genre in the world of films. His character ‘Zuko’ had shades of grey showing a different side to Patel. Also to prepare for this role it is said that he had actually undergone special training in martial arts. However that being said when this fantasy film was shown to the audiences many felt disappointed as it resembled nothing of the original show. Even Patel upon seeing the final result seemed a little disheartened.

Though it seems that Patel hasn’t given up when it comes to experimenting with this genre. Early on this year the trailer for the medieval fantasy film ‘The Green Knight’ was released with Patel in an interesting role. From the trailer it seems that the audiences will see Patel in something dark but at the same time captivating in the film.

‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ (2011)
An adventure filled with colours, culture and lots of good memories. The story of this film was based on the 2004 novel called ‘These Foolish Things’ by Deborah Moggach. In this comedy drama seven people with very different outlooks on life travel to India to retire at a grand exotic hotel. It is only when they reach there that they learn things are not what they seem. The hotel is run by the ever positive Sonny (Patel) who has the best of intentions but it probably doesn’t seem that way at first. With his larger than life dreams regarding the hotel his mother can’t help but worry about his future. However Sonny isn’t one to give up and wishes that the seniors have the best time of their lives at his hotel.

‘Lion’ (2016)
Based on a true story Patel would have surely felt under pressure to deliver his best especially as the story revolved around the life of a living person. This biographical drama had Patel play the part of Saroo a boy who accidentally ends up separating from his brother at a train station in India only to end up in another part of the country. After his best efforts to return home all go in vain, he manages to get adopted by an Australian couple who take him there and bring him up as their own son. As he grows up he begins to realise that he can’t forget his past and wants to find out what became of the family he lost. It was a heartbreaking story that made one cry and at the same time believe in the power of hope.

‘The Wedding Guest’ (2018)
Patel got to work with Bollywood’s latest rising stars with the likes of Radhika Apte and Jim Sarbh. In this thriller Jay (Patel) was a man sent on a mission to kidnap a woman named Samira (Apte) who is about to get married. The wedding has been arranged by Samira’s family therefore her boyfriend plans to get her kidnapped with the help of Jay so she can be with him. Jay learns that Samira knew what her boyfriend had planned however that doesn’t mean things will be simple. Jay faces many difficulties and at times the biggest factor is whether he can trust the woman he has kidnapped. Patel was greatly praised for his performance in the film.

The team at wishes Dev Patel a happy 30th birthday and all the best for ‘The Green Knight’.