Details about Sony TV’s new shows; ‘Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum’ & ‘Sapnon Ki Chhalaang’

Azha Khan



Sony Entertainment Television has always been at the forefront of bringing viewers relevant stories, backed by true to life characters. Its fiction offerings have not only entertained the viewers but also given Indian television some of its most iconic shows. The channel is now ramping up primetime viewing with the launch of two shows – ‘Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum’ and ‘Sapnon Ki Chhalaang’. Starting 10th April, these exuberant stories will air every Monday to Friday at 21:00 AND 21:30 respectively.

Pradeep Hejmadi – Head, Business Operations, Sony Entertainment Television said, “We live in a world of relatable and beautiful spaces that deserve the limelight. Our storytelling, fueled by insights and inspiring characters, celebrates human emotions and the spirit, making every day spent with us a memorable experience. Strengthening our fiction programming in the 9 to 10pm primetime band, we are delighted to be bringing two new shows, ‘Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum’ and ‘Sapnon Ki Chhalaang’ that present audiences with a perspective that is unique to each narrative and its strong characters.”

‘Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum’ delves into the lives of two strong-willed women from two diametrically opposing societal settings, each inspirational in their respective worlds. This captivating story follows the journeys of Damayanti, the principled traditionalist matriarch of the royal Barot family based in Ranakgadh while Surilii is a vibrant and modern thinking young girl from Mumbai. The show focusses on the natural human nature of resistance to change – change tends to create fear and the usual reactions are to either fight, or flight. This close-to-life yet inspirational saga sees Kitu Gidwani playing Damayanti Barot, Tina Datta essaying the role of Surilii Ahluwalia and Jay Bhanushali portraying the character of Shivendra Barot. Despite their diametrically opposing ways, the essence of these two women striving to safeguard their familial traditions is the same. Set in her ways, Damayanti is trying to save the honor and customs of her family while Surilii, who goes with the flow is giving her all in trying to protect the memories and legacy of her parents. Produced by Swastik Productions, Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum is a remake of the popular Turkish drama İstanbullu Gelin (Bride of Istanbul) that will air on Sony Entertainment Television every Monday to Friday at 9:00 pm, from 10th April.

Siddharth Kumar Tewary from Swastik Productions said, “With every show, we strive to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and create something truly unique and memorable. We are thrilled to launch ‘Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum’ in association with Sony Entertainment Television that delves into the lives of two independent women who have one thing in common: a desire to protect their heritage. With a strong vision and a great partnership, I am confident that this show will captivate viewers and give them a wholesome viewing experience.”

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‘Sapnon Ki Chhalaang’ offers viewers a distinctive perspective into the life of Radhika Yadav, a girl filled with grit and determination from Jhansi who wants to make it big in the metropolis of Mumbai. Starring the promising actress Megha Ray as the protagonist Radhika, the show follows her leap of faith to an alien city to fulfill her dreams while wanting to prove to her parents, Radheshyam Yadav, played by Sanjivv Jotangia and Suman Yadav, played by Kashish Duggal that she can stand on her own feet and take care of them. But to succeed, Radhika must overcome the challenges of moving to a new city, handling the pressures of her first job and tough boss along with living with her three roommates – Sreemoyi Banerjee (Sadhwi Majumder), Vaishali Tiwari (Anushubdha Bhagat) and Preeti Dhingra, (Alma Hussein) – all of whom come from very diverse backgrounds. An Invictus T Mediaworks production, this coming-of-age drama will air on Sony Entertainment Television (SET) every Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm, from 10th April.

Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot – Producers, Invictus T Mediaworks said, “Like our previous collaborations with Sony Entertainment Television for shows like ‘Dhadkan… Zindaggi Kii’, we believe in celebrating the power of today’s woman who strives to succeed in life, come what may. Radhika’s story mirrors the young and fearless generation of women who took the leap of a faith to move to a new place city to pursue their dreams and want to shoulder the responsibility of social and economic mobility for their family.”