cus on real life social interaction, to build relationships more inline with how we interact in everyday business life.

33yr old Sonny Kumar has been working on the development of, the first site dedicated to bringing the global Desi community together for friendship, and networking, for

the last year. As it prepares to go live next month, encouraging people to meet, and recommend friends, or colleagues online, it already has over 1500 pre-registered members from 20 different

countries, ranging from residents in Bombay to Birmingham, from Chenai to Capetown.

Sonny explains: “ has been established to bring together people from the Desi community, of which there are over 50 million globally. This is taking what normally happens within the South Asian community and putting it online as it۪s so natural for South Asian۪s to behave as social butterflies as it۪s been going on for 1000 years.

Have you ever noticed that we almost always meet new people through the friends and business relationships we already have? That۪s because these people understand us best, are on our wavelength, and know the type of person that we get along with and build trusting relationships with. Now provides an opportunity for our friends and colleagues to connect us with a much wider group of

people, that it might take us years to meet otherwise.”

Special registration offers to mark the launch of the website are available.