Since news emerged that a young woman was gang-raped in a bus in South Delhi on Sunday night while returning from Munirka to Dwarka, the world all over including the film fraternity have expressed their anger and disgust at the culprits.

Amitabh Bachchan, posted seven tweets back-to-back last night. He said:

Wanted to say so much of the day…but so disturbed by the gang rape case in Delhi_atrocious and unforgivable!!۝ (1/7)

When you speak on an issue they say, you only speak do not do anything…when you do not speak on issue they say you never speak!۝ (2/7)

The fear of system, of order, of conduct guided by justice, is fast disappearing. Is this the freedom that our elders fought for!!۝ (3/7)

Injustice of rape shall invite many discussions. Advocate harshness of punishment, human rights move in. Follow law…legal loopholes۝ (4/7)

Durga, Kali, Lakshmi are goddesses…we pay homage to them, respect them. Women need to be respected, and given pride of place!!۝ (5/7)

On this public platform I dare not even attempt to mention the details of the rape case…even an animal would not behave so!!۝ (6/7)

Enough said! Enough! I cannot express anymore!!۝ (7/7)

Shah Rukh Khan also went on Twitter to express his views on the shocking story:

1. We cannot blame a ghastly act as the collective deterioration of the world we live in. It is not an external condition. It۪s US!…۝ (1/3)

2. It۪s US because we make that collective & if we don۪t punish the rapists then rightfully we will be punished_soon_۝ (2/3)

3. _very soon…when this inhuman crime reaches our homes and families…۝ (3/3)

Kareena Kapoor also gave her opinion, talking to Times Of India, she said, “Whatever happened, it really should not have happened. In our country, we always take safety measures after any shocking incident happens. I definitely would like to say that getting justice in the country is really time taking. Our laws should be reassessed. Justice has to happen faster.”