Deepika Padukone

Padukone talks about her relationship with Ranveer Singh
Padukone talks about her relationship with Ranveer Singh

The beautiful Deepika Padukone has been in the news lately for various reasons. She has, however, been linked with her co-star Ranveer Singh mostly whilst they shoot for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’. The actress opened up about her relationship with him in an interview.

Speaking to Filmfare, when asked about rumours about her alleged affair with Singh, Padukone revealed, “I۪m single. I۪m not in the frame of mind to be in a relationship. I get too involved when I۪m in a relationship… I۪m so driven about my career that I may not be able to give the person my complete attention”.

She continued, “He۪s a wonderful person. He has the ability to walk into a room and make you feel like you۪re the most important person in the world. And it۪s not just with people he knows. He could be meeting someone for the first time and make him feel like they۪re best friends. That۪s God given”.

Talking about her equation with Anushka Sharma, Singh’s rumoured ex-flame, Padukone is frank, “I think they were a beautiful couple. I don۪t know what they shared; I don۪t know what they share today… She۪s someone I۪m fond of and will always wish her well”.

Well, you’ve got to give it to her; Padukone has most definitely charmed herself out of that speculative relationship with Singh… or has she? Wait and watch with us at BizAsia for more.