Deepika Padukone on her Cannes debut

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Deepika Padukone is to make her Cannes Film Festival debut this year and she’s been revealing a little about the preparations going on.

According to TOI, Padukone said, during an L’Oreal launch event, “My team is working on my looks but according to me, it’s more than just looks and clothes. I have always looked at everything as opportunities and what you make out of those”.

Padukone is really excited to be representing India at the festival, “Obviously, I am proud not just to represent the brand but also the country. It feels like you are an athlete and you are representing the country. As far as Cannes is concerned, being a woman, there’s a beauty aspect to it and being an actor, there’s the movie angle to it”.

Padukone also mentioned that she would love to take her forthcoming film, ‘Padmavati’, to Cannes if the opportunity arises.