Deepika on life after Covid 19: “I needed to take two months off work…”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Deepika Padukone had Covid 19 at the same time as rest of her family and she’s recently opened up about how she dealt with that time.

“Life after Covid changed for me because physically, I was unrecognisable completely… I think (due to) the medication I was given, the steroids that I was put on. So Covid in itself was weird, your body feels different, your mind feels different. I felt that when I had the illness it was still okay but after that, I needed to take two months off work because my mind wasn’t working. The phase for me was very, very difficult”, said Padukone, talking in a recent interview.

Padukone hasn’t spoken about this diagnosis of life after that it is somewhat refreshing that a big star has come out to say this, in the hope that the awareness raised will inspire others to try and keep safe.

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