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Deepika on ’83’: “Explores lighter moments between Romi & her husband”

Deepika Padukone has spoken in detail about her new character Romi Dev, who is being paired with husband Ranveer Singh and his character Kapil Dev, in the upcoming film titled ’83’ that is slated to release in April 2020.

With Padukone set to star in another film before ’83’, called ‘Chhapaak’ which documents the fictional life of an acid attack survivor, Padukone has sought a lighter role to restore balance.

A source has told HT Cafe, “For some time now, Deepika has often spoken about her craving to do a lighter role since she has constantly been doing intense characters. In a way, her part in ’83 fits that bill [of a comparatively lighter part] but not entirely because, in essence, the film is a gripping drama about Indian [cricket] team’s journey towards the [1983] world cup victory.”

Additionally, the source stated, “Surely, the storyline has several highs as well as lows, but at the same time, there are a few lighter moments between the captain and his wife.”

Padukone also touched on ’83’, expressing, “Honestly speaking, I’ve always enjoyed playing characters that take a lot out of me, emotionally. Even in ’83, there are extreme highs and lows that Romi also goes through in the journey towards Indian cricket team creating history by winning the world cup. But the film also — albeit briefly — explores lighter moments between Romi and her husband [Kapil Dev]. So, in that sense, you can say that it has been [a] lighter [part] emotionally.”

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By Arjen Gill