‘Dangal’ not yet reached Rs 2000 crore mark

Shyama Sudra



Contrary to the recent rumours, it has now been revealed that Aamir Khan’s blockbuster ‘Dangal’ (2016) has yet to reach the Rs 2000 crore benchmark.

Clarifying the facts, DNA India reports a spokesperson stating, “We have been reading a lot of reports saying that ‘Dangal’ has crossed Rs 2000 crore worldwide. Just to set the record straight, we want to clarify that ‘Dangal’s official worldwide gross collection figure as of Thursday is Rs 1864 crore.”

With the film having been released in China, seems to have set off the rumours of the whopping figure. However, though the film hasn’t quite reached that mark, it has been said ‘Dangal’ is the biggest grossing film in Bollywood yet.

The spokesperson went on to express, “We are very happy that our film has been so successful, and what is of most value for Aamir Khan and the entire team of ‘Dangal’ is the immense love the film has got from the audience across the globe. We are looking forward for the film to release in other untapped territories to reach more audience.”

With the film being appreciated so widely, it won’t be a surprise if the film does reach the big mark.

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