Daksha Ben returns to STAR’s ‘Kyunki Saans…’


After a hiatus of almost four years the distinct character of Daksha Ben, played by Ketaki Dave is making a return on STAR Plus’ flagship soap ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’.

Swinging in her own style & glamour, Daksha will be seen zooming across the open seas stylishly on a yacht. As all the members of Viraani Parivaar are mystified over this sudden appearance of someone coming to family (not knowing that it is actually Daksha!) most of them are intrigued and wait anxiously for her arrival at various places, some at the railway station, airport etc. The family wonders who could have been behind all this, but to their surprise when they spot a yacht in the sea speeding across the sea, all the members of Virani Parivar are joyously astounded to see Daksha Ben, her husband Himmat and their daughter-in-law Prajakta, as they all make their grand entry on a yacht.

Daksha’s new look and demeanor will well explain her return from America via Junagadh. However, despite being clad in a Gujju Saree, she will portray all the attributes of a ‘phoren’ returned though with her ‘signature style’ mismatched jewellery!

Despite her distance from the family for such a long-time Daksha Ben (to everyone’s astonishment!) will be pretty clued -up with all the latest happenings in the family. As, all this while she has stayed in touch with Gayatri and shared with her all the trials and tribulations which family has gone through, in the time gone -by.

Daksha Ben’s comeback scenes will be shown on the episode to be screened on Monday 19th February at 22:30 (in India – a UK telecast later in the year).

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