Daily News Snippets: Wed 24th August


BBC Asian Network in Paris
BBC Asian Network presenters Nikki Bedi and Sonia Deol broadcast live from Paris, 1st ? 2nd September. One year on from when schools banned the wearing of headscarves and all religious symbols, Drive with Nikki Bedi & The Sonia Deol show look at the impact this decision has had on France’s Asian community.

Nikki will present Drive live from France on 1st September and Sonia on the 2nd September. In the wake of the London bombings in July, should Britain be following the hardline taken by the French government in dealing with terrorism and the perceived threat of radical Islam. Sonia Deol?s Friday phone-in, questions how far should Britain go? Should we ban the wearing of religious symbols in all our schools?

Do Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus feel that their religious rights and identities are being denied? The Asian Network explores the issue of Asian identity from a number of countries, providing a European overview of the acceptance of common Muslim and Sikh religious and cultural practices. Asian Network reporters Sanjiv Butto and Adam Pastenicki go to Germany and Amsterdam providing inserts which look at the day to day issues affecting this community and they explore Asian identity in general.

ZEE Gujarati lines up special shows for Janmashtami
On the auspicious occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, ZEE Gujarati UK will be scrapping two of its movie slots in aid of Janmasthtami programming. Nand Ghar Anand Bhayo will be shown on 27th and 28th August at 22:30 and 10:00 respectively.

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