Court orders Rajpal Yadav to serve 6 day jail sentence

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Rajpal Yadav
Rajpal Yadav

Known for his comedic roles in Bollywood, Rajpal Yadav has been ordered to serve the remainder of his six day jail sentence for failing to pay money back to a businessman. The Supreme Court refuted the actor’s plea of being unable to pay the money due to the failure of his movie, ‘Bhopal: A prayer for rain’ (2014) at the box office.

The claim did not sit well with the bench, which included Justices Kurian Joseph and R F Nariman who, according to the Hindustan Times, commented saying, “No further arguments. You have got rid of murder…we were thinking of sending you to jail for six months.”

The Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ (2007) star has now appealed to the apex court, challenging the verdict given by Delhi High Court which asks him to surrender at Tihar Jail and serve the remainder of the total 10-day imprisonment order, initially granted in 2013 as a result of filing a false affidavit before the court. Yadav was incarcerated from 3rd December till 6th December 2013, following which the division bench of the High Court suspended his sentence after he successfully appealed.

At the recent hearing of the case, the High Court on 25th July upheld the sentence of a judge from December 2013, stating Yadav’s “failure to follow procedure cannot be countenanced” as, despite being adequate time to explain his conduct, “he resorted to falsehood.”

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