'Parichay' tops Rishtey ratings

'Parichay' to end in March on Colors
'Parichay' to end in March on Colors

The demise of drama serial ‘Parichay’ and launch of new ‘Gurbani’ has been confirmed, BizAsia can reveal.

‘Parichay’ produced by Balaji Telefilms stars Sameer Soni and Keerti Nagpure but is being wrapped up due to falling figures. The show had ran successfully for two years. ‘Parichay’ ends on Friday 15th March.

There has already been written about a second season of ‘Parichay’ with lead star Soni admitting that the second phase of the story had just got underway. The latest goings on in the serial show Kunal, played by Soni, becoming wealthier. Soni said that he would produce the second season of the show, if Balaji Telefilms was not interested in doing so.

Replacement show ‘Gurbani’ will take the 22:30 slot from Monday 18th March. It stars Sooraj Thapar, Rita Bhaduri, Navni Parihar, Sushil Parashar, Jeetendra Bharadwaj and Rahul Hans. Navni Parihar plays the character of Rano who is abandoned by her husband. Rano who is in her 40s now is always seen dressed as a bride and waiting at the railway station for her husband to return and take her along with him for good. Newcomer, Shefali plays the the female protagonist.

In the UK, ‘Gurbani’ will telecast on Rishtey. More details on this soon.

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