Concert Review: Kapil Sharma Live – UK tour

Veena Patel



One of India’s most popular comedians, Kapil Sharma returned to UK shores on Friday, after a gap of seven years. It was helmed by Dil Singh Taak and Empreo Events.

Sharma, was accompanied on stage by Kiku Sharda, Rajiv Thakur, Kangana Sharma, Jaswant Singh and his live musicians.

The two-day tour started on Friday night with a packed-out auditorium at London’s iconic OVO Arena, Wembley. Lyca Radio host Khush kicked off the proceedings with a warm note about the sponsors, which then led to a lacklustre skit by Sharma. The nerves were pretty evident and the shaky start was a big test for what was to follow. Luckily, the vivacious and energetic, Thakur quickly jumped to the rescue to take the evening ahead. While, it was a relief to see Thakur cracking a little more humour than Kangana, fans continued to wait patiently for the star of the show.

Together with a build-up on-screen video and live singing of ‘Pasoori’, Kapil Sharma walked on to the stage to a roaring cheer. His short stint was full of jokes about his recent US tour, the traffic system there, compared to London, and the mannerism of how we greet people in the UK, opposed to India. He also spoke openly about his mother, his wife and his two children – who were watching his show live for the first time.

Kiku Sharda made an entry through the audience, by greeting his fans. Unfortunately, his comedy was not as explosive as his entry. Some of the jokes were disappointing where Sharda was seen laughing more on stage than the audience itself. His banter with Thakur lifted some spirits, which was then followed by Jawant Singh. He did well with some impersonations of actors but at this time, fans were itching to seeing Kapil back on stage. Jawant’s slot felt a lot more longer than the other acts.

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When Kapil returned, he had a face-off with Thakur, which was short, snappy and actually very funny. The mention of Archana Puran Singh left fans in stitches. Kapil then moved away from his comedy, to some live singing and emotional part of the show. He spoke about his father’s demise, which led to him singing a couple of heartbreaking songs (I personally don’t think viewers were prepared for this).

The night concluded with all the acts coming together for a finale dance. The arena joined in with most up on their feet and getting close to the stage as possible.

Overall, the general concept of the show worked as it was a breath of fresh air from the usual Bollywood musical evenings. What didn’t work was some of the acts and the length Kapil got on stage. Maybe a shorter show, with just one support act, and Kapil Sharma, would have saved money for the promoters and at the same time, left fans wanting more.

The sold-out tour continues at Birmingham’s Utilita Arena on Saturday, 12th August.