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Comedian Russell Peters tells Aamir Khan to “Shut Up” about AIB Roast

Russell Peters

Russell Peters is a popular stand-up comedian. He has come out in a strong reaction against Aamir Khan’s comments about the AIB Knockout session featuring Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar which has recently come under scrutiny.

According to Pinkvilla, Peters said, “Seriously, who is he, the so-called artist, to say that he found it violent and that AIB and rest involved should have been responsible? He did not even see it! Someone please ask him to shut up and take care of his own business”.

“He is an actor; not even a real artist. He goes in front of the camera and reads out lines that someone else has written. Then, he is giving his opinion about something that is honest!” Peters added.

He also was less than impressed that Khan had said so much about the episode without watching it fully.

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