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Colors’ ‘Kavach 2’ under the scanner?

Colors’ supernatural thriller, ‘Kavach 2’ is reportedly under the scanner due to underwhelming numbers.

According to IWM Buzz, the Namik Paul and Deepika Singh series, has been on the lower spectrum since its launch back in May.

Confirming the news, Pranitaa Pandit, who plays Rekha on the show, told the publication, “Hope we continue, for this show has given me good scope to play a layered character, as opposed to negative characters like my Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki stint.”

She also spoke about where the show has gone wrong, “I think the time slot. We originally went on air at 8 which is early prime time. For any show to really go big, it needs a 9 pm or later time band. The original Kavach (Kavach… Kali Shaktiyon Se) came at super prime time, raking in huge numbers.”

“No wonder we opened to a below par 1, peaking to 1.3, but then things really went down when we were shunted to the 7 pm slot to make way for Khatra Khatra Khatra, a little while back. This development saw our numbers dropping by a whopping 50%. We were already at a weak slot, but were then pushed into an even weaker one.”

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