Colors Kannada ramps up primetime with two new shows

'Hoo Male' on Colors Kannada
'Hoo Male' on Colors Kannada

As we navigate through the challenges of the on-going pandemic, viewers are looking for entertainment, love, humor and freshness in the content they consume. With a new brand ethos, ‘Banna Hosadagide, Bandha Bigiyagide’, Colors Kannada, aptly summarized the channel’s refreshed and strengthened spirit. Staying true to its promise, Colors Kannada strengthens its primetime line up with the addition of two new shows to its slew of offerings to spread love and humor amongst its viewers.

Pioneering in general entertainment, Colors Kannada is delighted to cater to the growing demands of its viewers with the launch of its two new shows ‘Majaa Bharatha- Season 4’ and ‘Hoo Male’ in the non-fiction and fiction category respectively. ‘Majaa Bharatha- Season 4’ is set to go on air on 7th November at 21:00 and will air over weekends. In addition to this, ‘Hoo Male’, an unpredictable story of ambitions and emotion will go on air from 16th November at 21:00 and will air from Monday to Friday.

Speaking on the new show launches, Parameshwar Gundkal, Business Head – Kannada Entertainment Cluster, Viacom18, said, “Colors Kannada has always been ahead of the curve in the Kannada entertainment space. We have focused on telling stories in the most compelling and relatable manner which our viewers can resonate with. With our new brand ethos, we innovated and adapted to the new normal by resuming content of our existing shows, despite the challenges. We are delighted to yet again be ahead of the curve to satiate entertainment needs and air our new shows ‘Majaa Bharatha- Season 4’ and ‘Hoo Male’ to spread humor and love amidst these challenging times. With renewed energy and excitement, we are hopeful that these shows will surely make an impact in the 9 pm primetime slot.”

With Dhruti Masala as a special partner, now in its fourth season, ‘Majaa Bharatha, a comedy talent show, will provide Kannadigas with an opportunity to entertain viewers with epic comedy content. Hosted by Bhoomi Shetty, the participants will be judged by Ace Kannada Music Director and singer, Gurukiran and actor, Rachita Ram. Actor, Harshit Raj, too, will showcase his comic skills in a never seen before avatar. ‘Hoo Male’ on the other hand is a fiction show centered around college-going Lahari who is the only daughter to a single mother with serious political ambitions. The story revolves around Lahari’s secret love affair and her mother’s attempt to get her married to a highly influential politician who is a widower with a child.

With the launch of these two shows, Colors Kannada strengthens its 21:00 primetime slot. In addition to this, last week, on 31st October, the channel launched a new show celebrity cookery show, ‘Chat Corner’, which will air at midday on Saturday and Sunday.