Club Asia Administration: The industry speaks

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


News about Club Asia entering into administration has left many surprised; has collated opinions from various media organisations on the troubled status of the popular London brand.

Club Asia is managed by sisters Humerah Ahmad and Sumerah Srivastava. It launched in 2003 and fast became a one-stop shop for a young Asian London.

Avtar Lit
Lit Corporation
I think the girls have done a superb job and they deserve the support of the Asian community. I have already been in touch with hum era to offer my support but the reality is no stand alone Asian media venture can survive in the London market place at best of times leave aside today�۪s economic climate.

Javed Husain
Media Reach
It�۪s sad to see a second/third generation media which had so much potential, go under. It started with a bang, and had buzz on and off air, the Djs and the team were very enthusiastic. It seems that they lost sense of direction and experience in the management team on the media front. I would question the management, not the radio media or the recession for its downfall. With over all radio listenership up, Radio as a media needs to see how it can make content and advertising more exciting and effective.

The radio listener is becoming younger and more savvy and wants Creativity/Quality and wants advertising to work harder, the industry needs to pull its sock up or will loose more revenue to the new media and TV.

Yeshpal Sharma
STAR TV Network UK
The news about Club Asia’s administration is unfortunate. STAR have had a long association with Club Asia, as an effective medium to target the younger British Asian audience.

Toby Aldrich
Spectrum Radio
My view, for the record, on the impending administration of Club Asia is that it is further evidence of how difficult it is in the radio business at the moment. Club Asia has a great brand and a viable audience. I hope that it can be rescued.

Raj Ghai
Media Moguls
It would be a real shame if Club Asia was to disappear. It’s been a good station for a younger Asian London. Unique in it’s output, it’s provide hope for a number of new artists over the years – it will be a real blow to the industry. Hopefully, anyone who takes over will understand the importance of the station and will not change the successful format too much.

Pedro Carvalho
It�۪s always sad to see any business go into administration but in these hard times only the fittest will survive in a very difficult economic climate, however Club Asia have discovered some new talent along its short life and were a breath of fresh air to the London airwaves when it first launched. We can only hope that whoever takes over the station will have radio and music in their veins and be willing to work with various people on how to reach the new British Asian youth market.

Erum Masood
Prime TV
This surely tells the trend of the Ethnic Media Industry, View Asia Package is a prime example where people just have to a lump sum to get 9 or channels whereas they loose the individual share in this way.

The survival is good value for money content and to secure your revenue over expenses as the market is so limited and the competition is big. There is no more room for any new avenues in this market.

Surjit Ghuman
Panjab Radio
It�۪s a shame a station like Club Asia, which launched with a refreshing programme policy has fallen victim of the ongoing downturn in the economic climate. The station was not only unique but catered for a younger Asian London, which will now need filling quite drastically. Whoever takes over Club Asia must ensure they continue where the station has left but at the same time keep a closer look at their books.

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