CineFunTV launches on EE TV service

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Popular Asian TV service provider, CineFunTV has tied up with EE TV to give customers access to a range of top Asian TV networks.

BizAsia caught up with Amit Singh Rathore, Managing Director of CineFunTV to find out more about its new deal.

CineFunTV has partnered up with various services, what does your deal with EE mean for customers?
We have collaborated with various companies including Roku, Amazon, EE TV, Sharp, Hitachi, JVC, TLC and around 25 different companies. EE as we know enjoys majority of UK’s mobile market share with more than 28 million customers, they launched their EE TV service last year and CineFunTV is offering South Asian TV channels, movies and various other entertainment programs to EE customers via our CineFunTV app on their box. For EE customers they can benefit from their existing EE TV boxes and need not have to switch between multiple devices to enjoy CineFunTV services.


Will there be any exclusive deals for just EE customers to access CineFunTV?
Yes there is an exclusive deal for EE customers. CineFunTV is offering 1 month free on any subscription pack using a discount coupon exclusively for EE TV customers. EE has already communicated this deal to their customers.

How many broadcasters does CineFunTV boast of currently?
We already have 100’s of TV channels, 1000’s of movies & videos on CineFunTV. We have some of the very best of South Asian broadcasters including Star TV, Colors, TV Today, ARY, Geo and many more. We always offer content based on popularity and customer feedback to provide value for their money.

Are you planning to launch other Asian channels on CineFunTV?
Absolutely. There are several TV channels and other content coming up on CineFunTV in near future. There is definitely a paradigm shift and broadcasters are open for new ideas and are ready to adapt. Future looks brilliant for everyone.


Unlike other OTT providers, CineFunTV seems to be most proactive – how have you managed to create so much noise in so little time?
I come from technology and research background where we use to make things happen rather than wait for things to happen. We have implemented same mantra at CineFunTV where we turn things around quickly and future proof them. We own intellectual property of our platform, which allows us to introduce new features in short time. If we would have bought the technology then we would never be able to turn things around quickly enough. To give you an example, we made CineFunTV available on Amazon Fire TV in less than a week that includes architecture, design, build and quality assurance from us as well as from Amazon. Quite amazing, isn’t it? This is all possible because of our state of art platform that is robust, extensible and scalable.

I would also like to give credit to various broadcasters who were futuristic in approach, were open for a new platform and welcomed us with open arms. We are still a young company and youngsters are always noisier :-).

How do you plan to expand CineFunTV’s reach in the future?
You are asking me our secret recipe. CineFunTV has been growing ever since we launched. We would like to continue doing what we are doing, which is keeping it simple for our customers and offer them value for their money. You will see a lot of new things coming out from our innovation lab in recent future.

Subscription details and information relating to CineFunTV can be found here.