Choklate Pi Single: “Yaad was created in a hotel room in UK while jamming”

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


Choklate Pi Single talks about the success of his latest music project ‘Yaad’ with ‘Indian Idol 12’ winner Pawandeep Rajan. He also spoke about the launch of his record label, Musiq Pie.

“Yaad is a song which is very dear to my heart. It was sung, written, arranged and composed by the very talented Pawandeep Rajan, winner of Indian Idol Season 12 and is Musiq Pie’s first regional song as it is entirely in Pahadi. It has been extremely well received and has already garnered more than 2.2million views on YouTube. In fact it’s popularity is so great, fans are demanding a version in Hindi which we will be producing soon by popular demand.

Like others, I myself fell in love with the song when I first heard it. I remember that Pawandeep and I were in London on a nationwide tour of the UK and we were between shows, making music, playing songs and just jamming free style which we often do in our hotel rooms. Like all professional musicians, we literally live and breathe music – even on days we are meant to be resting! Pawan just started singing and strumming Yaad and I just loved the song; even though I didn’t understand the lyrics. When he told me he had written it and confirmed he owned the copyright, I suggested straight away that he should release it.

Pawan was initially a bit sceptical as it was in his regional language and he didn’t know if it would be accepted by the masses. I reassured him others would love it in the same way I had on hearing it, after all music is universal and we agreed we should release it and try and shoot the song in London if we could.

The only stumbling block was the music which had to be arranged urgently as we had limited time to shoot a music video, given we were in between shows in London.

Unbelievably, Pawan had all the equipment with him, can you believe the passion of this man; he travels overseas with all his music equipment and within 3 hours and by working through the night, he produced Yaad in a music format which was shoot ready. Pawandeep is definitely a consummate professional, a passionate and highly talented musician, as well as being a thoroughly nice person.

So the next morning we set out – a team of us and started shooting in iconic London city landmarks; London Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Sq, Regent Street. Honestly although it was very hectic, it ended up being an amazing shoot, I had a brilliant team with me and lots of fans complimented the music video as well as the beautiful vocals of Pawan; it was definitely worth the effort and I’m so glad it was so well received by fans all over the world.

It’s wonderful and uplifting to see how much the song has touched so many people. When Musiq Pie released the lyrical version of Yaad, we even added an English translation and I can’t tell you how many fans said that they loved the song even more; although the music gave a gist, the lyrics once they knew the meaning made the song even more special.

You know as the owner of Musiq Pie my whole ethos from the start has been to produce great original songs to music lovers from great artists and where possible promote new and fresh talent. I am disinterested in stats and numbers, it’s never been a focus for me, that’s just how I am but fans on social media are saying that out of all Musiq Pie releases, Yaad exceeded 2 million views in the shortest amount of time. As a regional song from a fairly new music label, that’s a pretty cool achievement and I’m so proud of Pawandeep and the whole team involved in producing this song at short notice and that too when we were overseas in the UK.

And to the fans who have shown so much love for Yaad and for the Musiq Pie label – they are very special and I would like to thank each and every one of them for all their overwhelming love and on-going support.”