Chitrangda Singh: “Taking breaks took a toll on my career”

Shyama Sudra



Chitrangda Singh has been one actress who has come and gone from the Indian film industry for long periods of time. Despite being applauded for her work, she has always seemed to be one step behind the success ladder.

Understanding how the industry works when asked about the setbacks in her career, Ahemdabad Mirror reports the actress explaining, “Taking breaks took a toll on my career, I guess. You know, from when I started, my life has gone through phases where my priorities changed. I debuted and then took a break for four years, and then I came back and again took a two years’ break.”

“In the film industry, if you are not present when opportunity is coming your way, it will surely affect your career. That is what happened to me. I think being talented is not enough to get work. Being available at the right time makes all the difference,” she added.

Well here’s hoping her next couple of ventures will get her back on track. Stay with for more.