Chitrangda Singh reveals “heartbroken” feeling about unsuccessful films


Chitrangda Singh who was last seen in films such as ‘Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3’ (2018) and ‘Baazaar’ (2018) that have failed to make a positive impact at the box office has recently revealed her feelings towards her work.

Deccan Chronicle reports her saying, “I don’t feel depressive. Work does affect me alot and it matters to me a lot, but I think what really gets to you is your personal life. I have been through that. If you can come out of that rough patch, you can learn to deal with things. I didn’t get depressive. I was heartbroken.”

Singh also believes that as actors they need to filter their thoughts before saying anything. She went onto say that, “It is difficult because you can’t say whatever you feel like. Today you feel this way, as you might have just had a bad day. But if you say whatever you want to that will go in print and it will be there forever.”

“You can’t change it and people will hold those opinions about you. You are not allowed to change your mind or opinions. But we do change, and probably what I thought in 2013 I don’t think that anymore. I have probably changed the way I look at men, family and marriage or whatever. So sometimes you have check yourself and you have to be careful about what you say. I am not complaining though,” she concluded.

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