Chitrangada Singh’s own production falls through?

Ketna Mistry



There were talks of Chitrangada Singh turning her hand to producing a film with Navaniat Singh on board as director, however all plans have been shelved.

According to Box Office India, as well as producing the film, the ‘I, Me Aur Main’ (2013) star would also play the lead role in her film. Apparently the Punjabi director had also written the script for the movie and the search for the lead man was also on the way, but suddenly decided to opt out of making the film.

When asked about his decision to shelving the film, Singh said, “Chitrangada’s film is not happening but I am making a Hindi film soon. It is an altogether different film and subject. It is too early to talk about it right now as we are still in talks and things are yet to be finalised. I will make a Hindi film for sure but I will not interrupt my career in Punjabi films to make a Hindi film.”