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Chetan Bhagat denies Salman Khan rejecting his script
Chetan Bhagat denies Salman Khan rejecting his script

News emerged today that Salman Khan has rejected a script written by Chetan Bhagat for ‘Kick’, however, Bhagat took on Twitter to deny the news.

Bhagat said, “The Mumbai Mirror story on ‘Kick’ is fake. Haven’t met Salman on ‘Kick’ at all. Script is still not ready. Just been working with Sajid N’s team.”

Today’s tabloids reported that Bhagat, who is trying his hand at screenwriting with Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’, has been hard at work, to put together a script that would win Sallu’s approval. The report added that the actor flipped the pages one by one and the more he read, the more it was evident that he was far from pleased with the script.

A source told the publication, “After a while, he kept the script aside and told Chetan very politely, that he has failed to capture the essence of the film which is being adapted from a Telugu hit. ‘Make it more commercial’ is what the bestselling author was told. Sajid and Chetan had no choice but nod in approval.”