Chandrachur Singh overwhelmed with reaction to comeback with ‘Aarya’


He has stayed away from the limelight for a while now, and there was no news of him coming back until the trailer of his new online streaming show ‘Aarya’ released. But now Chandrachur Singh seems to have come back with a bang where he has received a lot of appreciation where many are excited to see him on screen again.

Talking to the media about the series which will be available om Hotstar. The actor expressed how the response to his return has been. “It’s a very positive feeling and sometimes it gets overwhelming. The love, care and appreciation are coming from all forces, from family, friends and people on Instagram. Just started my Instagram account a few days ago. So there’s a lot of goodwill, expectation and joy. I am just getting used to it, it’s a nice feeling.”DNA reports Singh stating.

He went on to add, “Everyone is pleasantly surprised. I am very surprised that there’s so much of outpouring of goodwill which has come. I have been so busy with the press and giving interviews that I didn’t have time to sit and go through all the messages. I have been getting so many phone calls from my family and friends. Instagram is a new thing for me so my son is helping me to basically. I have to learn a lot of stuff and operate it properly.”

Sharing the screen with Sushmita Sen who will also be marking her digital debut, Singh spoke of how they were meant to work together a long time ago. “The fact that I was supposed to work with Sushmita many years ago and it happened now with ‘Aarya’. I never got to know that I will be working with Sushmita until I reached acting workshops. I was in Dehradun for my son’s admission process in a film school. When I returned to Mumbai and met them I asked them who’s in the show, then they said ‘Sushmita Sen’, I was taken aback. It is very unusual for that to happen at that particular time on that particular day,” Singh expressed.

He went on to add, “We did speak of it once on the sets. We spoke on the first day when I said, ‘Oh my god, we were supposed to be working then and now we are working finally’. So we were pretty happy about it because it finally succeeded. She is a wonderful artist and a wonderful human being.”

Helmed by Ram Madhvani, ‘Aarya’ is now available to watch on Hotstar.